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A Web Project with Flexible Features

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Social Marketing

A social media strategy is highly recommended for success of your web project. Google +, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Ebay and other networks help you to promote the right content in the right marketing niche.

Security Updates

Daily or weekly Security updates are critical features for a professional hosting and the success of your web project. Vision in Motion provides you several tools like daily backup solutions, cron, SSH and DDOS filters, PHP Cache and Secure FTP/SMTP

E-Commerce Tools

Vision in Motion introduce you powerful platforms like Magento E-Commerce and PrestaShop. Also take a look at third-party applications and tools fully compatibles with our solutions.

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Google SEO Tools

Centrora Security is a powerful all-in-one solution that protects CMS/Php based websites from hackers, malwares and viruses.

Centrora Security provides you at the same time:

Centrora plugin        
  • a Web application Firewall, that manage, monitor and prevent IP access to your website
  • a Malware Remover, that scans every single file of your web server
  • a powerful Anti Spammer that blocks hundred of worst bots
  • a Javascript injection and illegal resources destroyer

 Centrora Suite


Centrora protects ALL PHP based system, like Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento and many other


Some features:

  • WordPress /Joomla Security Audit
  • PHP Configuration Enhancement
  • Google 2-Steps Authentication
  • Anti dDos (Flooding) Security
  • Anti Cross-Site Scripting
  • Anti SQL Injection
  • Nefarious Traffic Blocking
  • Anti Remote / Local File Inclusion
  • Anti Spamming
  • Block Hacking IPs / Log Suspicous IPs
  • Instant Email Alert for Attacks
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Fine-grained Settings for Exceptions
  • Custom IP Banning Message
  • Trusted Variable Key Whitelisting


You can purchase Centrora Security Premium Service or download Centrora Community Edition, a free version of Centrora Basic Protection

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